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Sure Motionsense Compressed Anti-perspirant

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Sure have always been known as being one of the marketing leaders when it comes to anti- perspirants, as they help provide confidence by ensuring you stay fresh and perspiration free. I always found deodorant cans too big and bulky to carry. Sure, have produced a more compressed antiperspirants it packs the same punch as the bigger can. There is ... Read More »

Life With Autism


The more I talk to people who have never dealt with autism the more I get asked ” It must be difficult having children with autism? ” This has got me thinking is it any more difficult to having a child with autism to a neurotypical. Well, I’m going to say no there is no difference, do you know why. ... Read More »

Crayola Brings Minions To Life With Colour Alive


At first the new Minions colouring book just looks like an ordinary book. Between the pages is where the magic lives as Colour Alive brings the pictures to life. Thanks to a very clever app that is easy to download on any iOS or Android portable device. It turns a normal picture into amazing !! 4 D characters. This is ... Read More »

Day 4 In The Savvy House


Well, you can tell it is the summer holidays already in the Savvy house. As we have screams and meltdowns as the savettes refuse to take part in the challenges I set them. I mean tidying your bedroom can be fun can’t it??? I am fed up with it being an obstacle course. So we are having a clear out. ... Read More »

X+Y Film from Koch Media


X+Y is the inspirational tale based on a true story from Koch Media. It follows the life of Nathan who is diagnosed at a young age as on the autistic spectrum. Nathan finds it difficult to build relationships and understand emotions. His mum handles the fact he can’t understand emotions and struggles with this concept. Even when tragedy strikes the ... Read More »