Nice Pecks 2015 from Happy Eggs


Since 2009 when Happy Eggs were first founded they have ensured that all the hens are as happy as can be and give a good quality of life to their hens. They go the extra mile to make sure their girls are happy. One of the fun things that Happy Eggs do for the hens is create a special calendar ... Read More »

4 Years Later Christmas and Autism Come Together


You might think this is a strange title but it has taken 4 years for the children to accept Christmas in its entirety. It took several years for us to have a Christmas Tree. The children have so many sensory issues and quirks it has been difficult to get them to accept change. We used social stories, showed them pictures ... Read More »

Top Trumps Disney Frozen


It is is easy to see why anything to do with Disney’s Frozen is one of the most sought after gift this year. A perfect stocking filler is the new Top Trumps Disney Frozen from Winning Moves . Who is the most magical character in Frozen? Join your favourite Arendelle friends to find out in this classic Top Trumps card ... Read More »