Chuggington Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set From Tomy


We are big fans of Chuggington and love watching the adventures of Brewster, Wilson and Koko and team. Recently we were sent a Chuggington Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set from Tomy and I can tell you there were lots of squeals of delight when the package arrived. The set itself is easy to build, Zak was my little helper as ... Read More »

A Poem On The Day In The Life


A day in the life of a parent whose child as autism. The day can begin even before the dawn has set in. And before you have chance to wake. All they want is you to make. A complicated and not as easy as you think structure and tower. That’s before you’ve had your shower. This is the way we ... Read More »

Rocking Baby Annabell Doll By Zapf Creation

Baby Annabell

It is very easy to see why Baby Annabell by Zapf Creation is the UK’s favourite nurturing doll and is one of the most popular items on childrens wishlists. My daughter loves her Baby Annabell dolls as she plays mother to them. Without realising it is not only developing her imaginative play but also her nurturing skills and social skills. ... Read More »

This Week On Savette.Com

Low Wray holiday

This week has been a very busy week not just on but also in the Savvy household as a whole. We have seen so many changes this week some good ones and some not so good. Also Zak seems to have had a developmental spurt and the transition has been amazing as he as developed from a toddler into ... Read More »

My First Week At School By Zak Aged 4


My first day at school was scary I had to leave my mummy and daddy. I remember the school from when I used to take my older sister who used to go there. I didn’t like the playground it was too noisy and everyone seemed to be chatting at once. Mummy was good and got me out of there as ... Read More »