special needs parenting support

Don’t Give Up The Fight

Readers to the blog will know that we have been in battle to get support for Zak for when he starts school in September. We were originally told that despite the fact he has autism, severe global delay development and … read more


Magic Nail Lab 1

Wild Science Magic Nail Lab

As any young fashionista knows a girl has always got to look her best and try new looks. Nails are important part of the whole esemble, if they are not right it can be the difference of a chic look … read more


Lifeproof case

Lifeproof Your Phone

Over the years I have lost count of the times I have dropped my mobile phone, or it has fell out of my bag. Or the time my son thought that my phone wanted a drink so he dunked it … read more


view of the thames

Fun And Laughter In London At This Year’s Britmums

On friday I boarded the train into the great unknown who would talk to me ?? Oh, I will just have to wait and see !! It was the first time that I was in my wheel-chair oh my god … read more



Discrimination Or Plain Ignorance

Is this discrimination or plain ignorance that people just don’t understand autism. Do you ever feel that all the cards are stacked against you? . That’s how I am feeling !!. Everywhere I turn there is ignorance and some form … read more



Coping After A Stroke – My Story -Part 3

This is a series of posts of coping after a stroke, as a stroke survivor myself I am sharing my story. I hope by sharing this series of posts that it will not only help people understand more about strokes … read more


ministroke is not just a funny turn

A Mini-stroke Or TIA Is Not Just A Funny Turn

A TIA Transient ischaemic attack (also known as mini-stroke) can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME . The symptoms may not last as long as a stroke but they are still just as serious. My first TIA happened 2 years ago, … read more


Lego Starwars

Win Your Dream Lego Star Wars Bedroom Competition

In a galaxy far, far away. Lego Star Wars have launched a fantastic new competition children can design their very own dream Lego Star Wars bedroom. It could be anything from R2D2 light, Light saber curtain pole or even a … read more