Calming Technique For Autism And ADHD


Even though we have just been thrown into the world of ADHD as Jen has been recently diagnosed with it. I am completely new to this world and trying to get as much information on it as possible. During one of our many meetings I was given this useful tip to help calm a child having a meltdown. Visualise you ... Read More »

Why I Hate Autism And ADHD

kids 4 - final picture

At the moment I hate Autism and ADHD, not only have these conditions become part of our lives they have at times overtaken life as we know it. This last month has been exceptionally challenging. The kids seem to be having one meltdown after another, over the smallest things. Life at the minute is so trying and I hate it. ... Read More »

Become A Lego City Explorer At Sea Life This Summer

Lego and sealife

Exciting news from the Lego Camp BECOME A LEGO® CITY EXPLORER AT SEA LIFE THIS SUMMER UK Sea Life centres are hosting a special treat this summer…a chance to explore the secrets of the ocean and become a LEGO® CITY Deep Sea Explorer. From June 1st Sea Life attractions nationwide will be hosting a LEGO® CITY Deep Sea Experience where ... Read More »

Lego Starwars Spider Droid Set 75077

lego spider droid

In a galaxy far far away the Savettes were pondering what to do. Should they go and fly their new Lego Starwars Micro fighter and explore new worlds or sit and watch a strange invention where there was picture on the screen that moved. Captain Zak took command of the Homing Spider Droid and his assistant Elyssia did some last-minute ... Read More »

Heroes Of The City Review And Giveaway

Heroes of the city

Zak loves watching Heroes of the City YouTube channel on his iPad, he likes the fact he can sit and watch the series again and again. Heroes of the City is a simplistic series about rescue vehicles in a small town where everyone can become a hero. The series is aimed at children aged from 2- 6 years. Share this ... Read More »