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Why Can’t We Show Our Feelings ?

This morning at a coffee morning/support group for parents of special needs children. We were discussing children and their emotions and how they express their feelings. This got me thinking to my children and the fact that they can’t decipher how they feel. Now that this theory one step further and it’s not just children that struggle with feelings, it’s ... Read More »

Warwick Davies Hosts Lego’s Golden Brickies Awards


On Saturday 11th October 2014 at Legoland Windsor’s resort a special red carpet event was held. . Using only LEGO Star Wars pieces to showcase their skills, hundreds of budding Jedi builders from across the UK entered the competition. Finalists were chosen by the specially selected expert judging panel, searching for the best fan created content, in the Golden Brickies ... Read More »

Fighting Fraud With NatWest


Fraud has become more prevalent in today’s society as fraudsters/criminals are becoming more cunning and finding new ways to defraud people. Fraudsters are very ruthless and use under hand tactics as they don’t care who they take money from. Did you know that in the UK alone fraud cost the population a staggering 600 million pounds last year. The type ... Read More »

Club Chic Dolls By Vivid Toys

Club Chic

OMG !! the coolest bears are about to enter the toy world. These cool bear girls are from Bear Valley Hills and are the most stylish, chic girls on the planet. They are not just uber cool, they are trend setters as well. There are 5 Club Chic bears from Vivid Toys , each one with their own personality and ... Read More »

No Community Spirit


This morning Mr Savvy and myself were having a discussion about how the community spirit is missing from today’s society. Gone are the days when you would pop into the neighbours house for a chat and a cuppa. Nowadays some people don’t even know their neighbours name. When I lived in Sicily, the small village was full of community spirit. ... Read More »