Sonic Game Helping Children With Autism

Sonic X-box game

At the beginning of the school holidays we found an old copy of Sonic All Stars Transformed and who knew it would help the kids so much. We have played this game continually and do you know it has been lots of fun as well as helping the children. Children with autism can struggle with turn taking. This is one ...

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Win A Signed Krays Poster


To celebrate the release of the RISE OF THE KRAYS, coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 31, 2015, courtesy of Signature Entertainment. I have 3 signed posters to giveaway. London, 1961: Ronnie and Reggie Kray begin a reign of terror that would endure and define London’s East End for years to come. From protection rackets to members clubs, from ...

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Everything Changes With The Savettes


This week has been all about change. Since our Impromptu Holiday the children have changed. Perhaps it was the magic of the forest? Let me share what has been going on. Zak who has struggled with sensory issues surrounding food and the past 5 years of his life has lived on fortini and milk. Has started to sit at the ...

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A Little Chaos DVD Review Starring Kate Winslet And Alan Rickman

a little chaos 1

A Little Chaos is a romantic period drama with a star-studded cast.British acting royalty Alan Rickman directs Academy Award winner Kate Winslet in the wonderful, A LITTLE CHAOS, available on Blu-ray and DVD from 24th August, 2015, courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The film is set in the stunning gardens of Europe, which I feel adds to the feel of ...

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Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 Dvd Review

Paul Blant

It is easy to see why Kevin James is becoming a household name as a comedy actor. With movies such as Grown Ups and Mall Cop under his belt. In his latest film, he plays Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 which shows the best of Kevin James comic acting. The story begins with it has been 6 years that Paul ...

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How the Vulnerable Are Targets For Crime From The CPS


With the permission of the CPS, I am sharing this story how vulnerable people are targeted for crimes Man sentenced for stealing over £350,000 from elderly and vulnerable victims A former financial advisor has been sentenced today to six years for dishonest conduct in managing the finances of four elderly and vulnerable people, Preston Crown Court heard. Peter Bottomley, from ...

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Are You Ready To Rummikub In The UK Championships

Rummikub logo

Are you a fan of Rummikub ? Could you hold your own against fellow Rummikubbers ? . If the answer is yes then why not take part in the Rummikub UK Championships and go on to represent the UK in the World championships . Then read on…. Rummikub is a fast paced family game that has been played for over ...

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Sistema Waterbottle and Quaddie Lunch Box For School

sistema lunch box collection

It’s hard to believe it is only 2 weeks till my children go back to school. One of the most important items in any school bag is the lunch box and water bottle. So when Sistema asked me if I would like to try their range of lunch boxes and waterbottles I was delighted. WaterBottle The water bottle is of ...

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Lego Technic Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245 Truck

lego technic box 1

Lego Technic have partnered with Mercedes-Benz to create the new LEGO® Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 – one of the most advanced and complex trucks in the world. This truck has some amazing detail and I have been lucky to be able to review this. The set comes with a comprehensive step by step guide that is easy to follow as ...

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Lego Super Heroes Jokerland Set 76035

Lego Jokerland set

OH NO !!! Joker and his team of villains have taken over and transformed Gotham City amusement park into a nightmarish Jokerland. He has Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy trapped. Can Batman save the day ??? or is it too late for the trio !!. Only you can decide. Jokerland has everything that a villain could want from the Deadly ...

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Impromptu Holiday

my view

After lots of deliberating of whether we should go on holiday or not it was decided that with everything that has gone on and Jenna’s ADHD becoming more prevalent it wouldn’t be the best idea to go camping this year. With the thought of having the children at home for 6 weeks was unbearable. We just about coped with all ...

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Wubble Bubble Ball Review

wubble bubble logo

The Wubble Bubble Ball from Vivid Toys and Games is half bubble and half ball as is lots of fun. It looks and moves like a bubble but acts like a ball and is almost indestructable . It is made of a super- thermo stretch material that makes the wubble bubble so unique. To inflate the wubble bubble it is ...

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Why Eye Tests Are So Important


We all know that we should look after our eyes but how many do? I know that since my strokes I have been to the opticians religiously but before I have to say that I didn’t go. As for the kids well I thought that they ok, they don’t need their eyes testing. What did I know !!! I never ...

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Building Jerusalem Trailer

Building jerusalem 1

Building Jerusalem is about a team pushed to their limits, in the depths of despair and all is lost. Then a miracle happens. Ahead of this year’s Rugby World Cup, re-live the glory of England’s win in 2003 with this fast-paced, behind-the-scenes new sports documentary, BUILDING JERUSALEM. The film will be satellite screened across the UK for one night only ...

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Sensory Issues With Food

christmas 2014

Zak who is 5 years old still doesn’t eat solids due to his sensory issues with food. From the minute he was born he has struggled to eat. I remember the midwives struggling for over an hour trying to get him to have some milk. Now we have the same battle with solids, he just won’t eat. For the last ...

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