Lidl Back To school Range

Lidl Back To School Range

Lidl will launch it’s first full back to school range available in shops from 21st July 2016. We know that buying school uniform can be very costly, did you know the cost for kitting out 2 children for a school year can be over £500. So, of course, families want …

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Things Are Finally Changing

words relating to Autism

I can say things are finally changing the jury is still out on whether this will be a good or bad thing as we take on CAMHS. We have always had a love hate relationship with CAMHS, we have been referred to them so many times only to be immediately …

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Name That From Megableu

A picture of cards from Name That from Megableu

Name That from Megableu is a quick thinking game that can be played anywhere from long car journeys to help keep the children entertained during holidays and parties. With 50 cards in a handy tin. Rules The rules are simple and this is ideal for 2 players upwards. You simply …

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The System Has Completely Failed My Family


This saga has been going on for 18 months but in recent months it has become worse. Today was one of those days we thought we were going to get some answers. Why my daughter is self-destructing, why she hates the way she feels. Hopefully, we were going to arrange …

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Lego City New Airport Set 60104 Review

A picture of the Lego City Passenger terminal

To complement, its new range Lego City have brought out its new Airport Range. This new range includes an Airport Passenger Terminal, Airport VIP Service, Airport Cargo Plane, Airport Starter set, Air Show. We were lucky to review the Airport Passenger Terminal. Airport Passenger Terminal Set 60104 This set has …

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