Mr Tumble Something Special Range From Golden Bear Toys

Something Special

Mr Tumble is the well-known character from the hit TV series of Something Special helping to teach children Makaton. I particularly like this show as it helped my children so much and helped them to communicate through Makaton. Mr. Tumble is the loveable character of Something Special and his bright …

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You Got The Diagnosis What Is Next Revisited


I am going to do a series where I revisit a post to see what the outcome was. The first post I am revisiting is You got the diagnosis what is next I have the diagnosis for Zak what is next? Well, the diagnosis is just the start or even …

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Bad Breath Busters From The Breath Co

Bad Breath Busters from The Breath Co

At some point in our lives we have suffered from Bad Breath, Dry Mouth or Morning Breath. I don’t know about you but I always find my mouth goes dry when I am nervous. Did you know that a dry mouth is one of the main causes of morning breath. …

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Why Is My 10 Year Old Self Harming


When my daughter was born and I held her in my arms for the first time, I vowed to look after her and protect her as much as I could. Despite her having her own issues to deal with, I have been able to look after her. Well, that was …

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Othello Family Board Game From John Adams

Othello Game

Othello not the Shakespeare Character is a strategic game from John Adams. It’s all about out thinking and outwitting your opponent. It’s easy to see why this game is so popular and loved by generations from all over the world. Each player is allocated a colour; white or black. The …

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