Autism Verses Iron Man


At school, today is book day where all the children dress up as a book character. Now for Zak who has autism costumes are a big deal as he doesn’t cope with children not being dressed as they should be. Just recently, Zak has become obsessed with Marvel superheroes especially Iron Man, he sits and watches the Iron Man films ... Read More »

Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset Review

shopkins so cool fridge

Shopkins is the latest must have collectables toy. These small super cute grocery themed characters that live in the BIG shopping world, with hundreds of Shopkins to collect. We were recently sent the Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset to review. The Shopkins fridge playset has everything you need to start your collection. This cute fridge set comes complete with six ... Read More »

OMG !! is 4 Years Old


I remember being told by a professional that I shouldn’t blog, I shouldn’t share my family’s story and it would never lead anywhere. OMG !! how wrong they were. Looking back on the last 4 years, can you believe it’s been 4 years ??. So much has happened, so many things have been achieved. I started blogging to help me ... Read More »

Teksta NewBorn Kitty

Teksta newborn Kitty and Puppy

Teksta is a new generation of microrobots with lifelike movements. The Teksta Newborn Kitty acts just as an 8-week old kitten would. The kitty reacts to physical gestures by its touch recognition as well as responding to your voice due to its sound recognition. We found the Teksta Newborn Kitty to be very entertaining, kitty has very expressive eyes as ... Read More »

All It Takes Is A Simple Hello


As a parent of children with additional needs, one thing I have noticed is that we became very isolated as family. My children were deemed to be the freaks of the school playground by the other parents, not the children and we were banished to the naughty corner of the playground. All I really wanted was someone to say hello ... Read More »