Lego Marvel Superheroes – Ultron Verses Ironman set 76029


To celebrate the release of Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Lego in Cinema’s now. Lego and Marvel have joined forces to announce a new range of Lego sets featuring all the superheroes from the film. We were recently sent Iron Man versus Ultron set 76029 Prepare for battle as a Ultron sentry officer in his Ultron jet tries to take ... Read More »



Families come in all shapes and sizes. One minute you can all be so close then next minute just cast aside like yesterday’s news. When my mum abandoned me at a young age my Grandparents took me in and relocated so that I could start again. I had just lost my dad and brother, my mum didn’t want me. I ... Read More »

What Would You Do ?


This is a post of a real life scenario and I just wonder what you would do if you were in this position. How would you handle things or avoid the situation completely? Your 5-year-old son tells you at bedtime he is unhappy at school. You ask why? and try to get to get to the bottom of things. Then ... Read More »

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Teaser Video

Lego logo

Exciting news from the Lego Camp !!!! people assemble as Lego Marvel Super Heroes are unleashed. To help celebrate the release of Marvel’s “Avengers Age Of Ultron ” in Cinema’s on the 24th April . Marvel and Lego have joined forces. To create a very special statue for the premiere A Sneak Preview of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Video A ... Read More »

Happy Skin Holidays Book With Ellie And Eddie From Aveeno

Ellie and Eddie skincare book from aveeno

We all know that holidays can be a lot of fun but what happens when you have a skin condition such as eczema or dry skin that needs constant treatment. Aveeno have devised a new fun book to help show children that they can still lead a normal life despite their condition. Happy Skin Holidays shows how Ellie and her ... Read More »