Glitterbelle From Parragon Books


Glitterbelle is a glittery, sparkly, shimmery princess that lives in the Palace on top of the hill, with the King and Queen. As the Palace as a big garden Glitterbelle likes nothing better than whizzing around on her scooter with her friends as well as climbing trees. Also, likes to help make cakes with her mum for charity events. Her ... Read More »

The Importance Of Coffee Mornings For Parents

Café con leche - Milchkaffee (CC)

During the last few months I have been attending a very special coffee morning at my daughter’s school and realised the importance of coffee mornings for parents. I think each one of that attended gained something different from the weekly coffee mornings. For me, it has been a lot more than drinking coffee. It’s been able to meet and talk ... Read More »

Seventh Heaven Avenging The Throne


Seventh Heaven Avenging The Throne is set in the late 1300’s Malta as five soldiers return from battle, weary, hungry they stumble up on a fort. They stop for one night so they can rest. But one night’s stopover soon escalates into a whirlwind of epic sword fighting for retribution. Will a beautiful woman change their destiny or are they ... Read More »