Zaks Incredible Journey

Today as we celebrate Zaks 3rd birthday its amazing to think how much he has progressed these last 6 months. When he was born he was a month premature although its not a lot it did make a difference to how he progressed. Zak was diagnosed with autism severe global delay development chromosome disorder of gene 16p 11.2 microduplication Macrocephaly (is a neurodevelopmental disorder where the head is 2 sizes or over than an average size head). Yet despite all this he amazes me each day.

Up to 2 years old Zak was unable to do anything and just used to lie there so quiet so still. There was a point when we had to prepare for him not being able to sit up due to low muscle tone but he proved them wrong. After hours of physio exercises Zak began to sit up. Not only that he sat up with no support. After a while his muscle tone began to improve as he began crawling. It was certainly a sight I thought would never happen. Zak was determind not to let anything beat him.

These last few weeks have seen Zak develop. He has gone from almost being non vocal to last night he instigated a game. He was rolling a ball and he said

Come on Muma ball

As he sat down and patted the floor for me to join in. We sat and played this game for a good 10 minutes which in itself is a miracle as Zak has very little concentration levels.

The best surprise of all is Zaks natural ability to play the glockenspiel I mean who knew he could play it. Father Christmas brought him a small glockenspiel for Christmas which he loved and plays for hours with. For his birthday he has a his own glockenspiel that he absolutely loves.

For me as I sit here and think of Zaks incredible journey I marvel in this little boy who has come so far. So Happy Birthday Zak hope you have a wonderful day. I cant wait to see where your incredible journey will take you next.

Zak A Week Old

Zaks 3rd Birthday

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24 comments on “Zaks Incredible Journey

  1. Hi Wendy So please to read the Zak is making some great gains in his development. I do want you to check your information though and this is quote from Wikipedia but also my own knowledge – Microcephaly is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which the circumference of the head is more than two standard deviations smaller than average for the persons age and sex. Whereas Macrocephaly is customarily diagnosed if head circumference is greater than two standard deviations (SDs) above the mean. From your description of Zaks large head it sounds like he has the macro and not micro.
    Kind regards

  2. Happy Birthday big boy … you are making your Mummy and Daddy so proud every day as you learn more and more. :D

  3. Happy birthday Zak! We are all so proud of you and look forward to finding out what boundaries you are going to smash through next. You are a wee star! Keep going!xx