Your Child Has Autism

You hear those words no parent really wants to hear. Your child has autism . Those 4 words are one of the most life changing words you will ever hear as you are thrown into a completely new world full of challenges and terminology. You have to find new ways of doing things,

Yet these 4 words cause more turmoil, heartache and sadness than most words in the English dictionary. You are suddenly catapulted into a world of meltdowns, traits, quirks. All of which you have no idea what any means. You think a meltdown is just a tantrum well how wrong you are, a meltdown at its worst can be hell on earth. As you battle with your child who you love who suddenly has become a demonic creature in front of you, for no apparent reason. As the writhe on the floor, hitting and kicking everything in sight, as you struggle to keep them safe.

Or your child has become possessed and developed a banshee scream, taking screaming to a new level. With force and intensity that builds up with each scream and can last for hours on end. Autism and its quirks have no feeling for possessions you hold dearly and think nothing of destroying things that never be replaced.

Then there is the mass exodus of family and friends as soon as they hear that your child has been diagnosed with autism. They run for hills in fear of catching this contagious disease, of course we all know that its not contagious but infact that the brain is wired differently, to that of a neurotypical. There is the flapping where the child with autism is experiencing a sensory overload as they can’t cope with their surroundings. Cue stares and laughter by passers by as they witness this strange behaviour and have great delight in telling you that you should control your child, this is all down to bad parenting.

The hours of solitude that you suffer as you now have put your past life behind you and live in a world of timelines, numerous appointments, stimming, flapping, quirks and traits.

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  1. I burst into tears when after ten years of mid diagnosis a brilliant psychologist finally said those words. I was crying with relief, not sadness, as I had been sure that my son had autism but the “experts” kept saying different and I thought I was going nuts even though with 4 years of psychology under my belt I knew I was right. So for me, hearing those words was a strangely positive experience :-) xx

  2. I can remember when the eldest was diagnosed as Aspergers and walking away basically none the wiser.
    I can remember when the middle one was diagnosed as Aspergers and the tears of relief as I had fought so hard for over 3 years from her initial primary (non-ASD)diagnosed for her issues to be recognised.
    I can also remember the following week when the youngest was diagnosed being shocked and crying … I had no problems with the ADHD as that was what had been expecting) …. but I didn’t think he was Aspergers as well It took me a while to accept he was an Aspie and even now IO think of him as ADHD first ASD second.

    Certainly it opens up a new and different world to you; introducing you to lots of different concepts and people that you never knew existed before.

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