Why Wasn’t I Told ?

This last month has been appointments galore all very important in their own way but none as important as Tuesday’s jaunt to the hospital, where the Savvy household took over the hospital. Well not quite but you get the idea, the youngest 3 had an annual review with the paediatrician.

We started with Zak and I was very shocked at what I learnt. Like for instance they had concerns about his head being large and mis-shaped and he has macrocephaly. Macrocephaly is a neurodevelopmental disorder where the head is 2 sizes or over than an average side head. I didn’t know he had this , why wasn’t I told?. Then there is the fact the MRI scan showed spaces in his brain which is caused by high blood presssure again why wasn’t I told? I think parents need to be aware of issues like this.

Then Jen well this was a complete eye opener. We have had major concerns about her behaviour, we have had professionals working with us to see if we can recify and stop the hitting, kicking, screaming, biting. I learnt that despite Jen being 6 years old emotionally she is only at a 3 year old. Imagine a toddler who is the size of a 6 year old hitting the terribe 2’s and troublesome 3’s and that’s Jen. We have constant meltdowns, tantrums, screaming. Again why wasnt I told about this before we could have put some stratergeries in place to help aliviate this. Why do professionals feel the need to drip feed you information over a number of visits.

Isn’t it about time professionals were honest with the parents and share any information on the child. Yes some of the news could be a big shock but then least parents know, they learn to deal with it all. This post is all about my situation, my thoughts and not in general although I assume it does happen.

Now we have all this information hopefully we can move forward and start heading for the future instead of going round and round in circles and asking why wasn’t i told that ?

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