We all know that we should look after our eyes but how many do? I know that since my strokes I have been to the opticians religiously but before I have to say that I didn’t go. As for the kids well I thought that they ok, they don’t need their eyes testing. What did I know !!!

I never took the children to the opticians due to their autism and not been able to cope in a shop environment. I definitely called this one wrong. They were amazing, the opticians took the time to explain what all the equipment was for and exactly what they were going to do. They put all the children at ease and worked at their pace. The children coped so well and enjoyed the experience.

What I didn’t realise that since birth Luke who is 10 years old is short-sighted but someone he muddled along and learnt to compensate for this. Zak well this was a total shock but he was born with astigmatism which basically means the eyeball is misshapen and due to this it has made him long sighted.

My parenting skills are rubbish. Why I didn’t detect that something was wrong with the boys sight, this is why eyes tests are so important. There were no telltale signs. No one spotted that anything was wrong. The upshot is that both boys have to wear glasses but due to them having larger heads children’s frames won’t fit them so they will have to wear adult frames. Luckily the frames are very trendy.

Luke chose a pair of sophisticated black frames and Zak more zany blue frames. I must admit after seeing the boys wearing glasses they really suit them. In fact, Luke looks like a young Buddy Holly.

PicMonkey Collage
I have now realised the importance of eye tests and hopefully they caught the boys problems with their eyes in time.