When I started blogging 5 years ago, it didn’t matter which blog you read it was all about the content. Now, people read the blog because who wrote it, not necessarily about the content. Where has the blogging gone, now blogs are full of pictures of what I had to eat, what I am wearing?, where has the blogging gone.

I have also noticed that you can write a post and hardly get any readers, yet someone else could write the same subject matter and a similar style and they get hundreds of readers. Why ????

Blogging has changed as much as the bloggers. Just say that to the majority it says more about you than you it does me. Years ago it was all about the subject, now it is more about the blogger and the nicey nice posts. Real life isn’t like that, real life is about problems, worries. Some of us share our life online, do you know how hard that is to convey our feelings online.

The blogging has gone