When Your Child Says Love You

Yesterday was a particularly trying day for all sorts of reasons. I wasn’t in the best of health as I have had a constant headache for the last week and no amount of tablets are shifting the pain. I haven’t been coping with the kids the slightest meltdown is getting to me.

I am weathering my own personal storm. I am feeling very down and despondent at the moment. I am still having my mini strokes and currently awaiting a heart operation. I am stuck in the dark depths of the valley, where I seem to spending more and more time there.

Anyway kids say things when you least expect them to. Zak is no exception. These last few weeks have been amazing with Zak he has had such a development spurt. His talking has gone from parrot fashion that is quite common in children with autism, to him using his own words.

We were just settling down to go to sleep when Zak said on his own accord, not parrot fashion

love you muma

OMG those words were just absolute words of joy. He said he loves me on his own. There are no feelings that can describe how those words made me feel.

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  1. We get this now plus kisses & gentle ‘strokes.’ Means the world & makes up for all the tough times 100-fold. Sorry to hear that you’re still having such debilitating health problems yourself. Hope things improve soon xx

  2. It’s these beautiful moments that make it all worth while, isn’t it?
    I’m still waiting for the day Max says that without it being echolalia. He’ll get there, one day. :)
    Hope you start to feel better soon xxx

  3. Oh how lovely, made me go ‘all goose pimply’. I think you’re marvellous how you cope with all your problems… Could your headache be a tension-related headache? I know if I am tense I clench my teeth which can give me a headache for days. One that I just cannot get rid of!

  4. Remember this as being so wonderful and focus on the joy of motherhood as much as you can. We all think of you, and wish you so much good health, happiness and joy.

  5. Just so delighted for you – this time of year is hard enough without additional health problems. Am soooo chuffed for you and Zak, and know how much those ‘independent’ words mean after so much time without them. Sending you love xx

  6. I know you never doubted the fact that he loves you but it must be extra wonderful to hear him confirm this in words. :)

  7. so sweet he said that himself great love u too

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