I wrote a post last week on Choosing A Secondary School . I now have some updated news. Jenna has been put forward for an ADOS screening which will tell us her true diagnosis. As she has ADHD and something else.

This now means we can appeal the LEA to get an EHC for her, this will ensure she gets the correct support through her educational life and beyond.

We had a meeting with the new school and it is PERFECT !!!. It has smaller class sizes, they are totally geared up for coping with a complex SEN child such as Jenna. They will have strategies in place. She doesn’t has to do any lessons she couldn’t cope with such as Languages. They have a textile room, Jenna loves sewing and wants to be a fashion designer.


There is a quiet area for when it all gets too much. They do the transition over months not weeks. They know that children get upset and try to do things as stress-free as possible. Also, we have been advised to appeal for the EHC sooner rather than later.

It is amazing how things work out this was a school we never even thought about, yet ironically it is the best place for Jenna. They understand Jenna’s needs which for us is the most important thing. We are not bothered about exam results. As long as she is Happy that is all that matters.

A bit off topic Jenna has gone away to PGL with her current school, despite having complex needs they have found ways to help and support her. Enabling her to fully participate in the activities. Inclusion at it’s best.