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Trutex blouse and trousers 2

Trutex Schoolwear Review

As a mum I am always looking for good quality school uniform that isn’t going to cost me the earth. So when I was asked to review Trutex school uniform , we were sent short sleeve blouses and a pair of trousers I jumped at the chance.

I have had the uniform for a few weeks and both my daughter and myself love it. Its very easy to wash, even on a 30 degree wash it comes out clean. I loved the fact as soon as the uniform was dried it was ready to wear, no ironing required. This alone for me is a big bonus as our household is very busy and keeping the kids away from a hot iron is a chore in itself.

The blouse keeps its shape after been worn and washed and more importantly it stays white. I have lost count of the amount of times I battled to keep the school blouses white. The cut of the blouse is stylish and something a very picky teenager will wear. The collar is stiff but not restricting. The whole cut and style of the blouse looks smart and sophisticated.

The trousers are a sophisticated boot cut that help add a touch of chic to the school uniform. The trousers look stylish and tailored and are very well made they won’t bobble or rip.

I am very impressed with the Trutex school uniform and can highly recommend Trutex as it washes well, wears well and above all looks good.

To find your nearest Trutex School Uniform store

For more information on school uniforms available visit www.trutex.com

trutex blouse and trousers
trutex blouse and trousers

Disclaimer we were sent a pack of girl’s school blouses and a pair of trousers for the purpose of this review

All images credited to Trutex

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