Thumb chucks from Zing Toys

Fidget toys have become to latest craze to sweep the nation. Thumb Chucks From Zing Toys are massively addictive and are the coolest fidget toy to be seen with, for children and adults alike.

The Thumb Chucks have a whole plethora of uses, the obvious is fidget toy but also it is a skill toy even though they are easy to learn but challenging to master. With online tutorials and videos to show you the latest trick. Such as Down The Ladder as seen in this tutorial

My children have problems with their fine mobility skills and I have noticed since they have been using the Thumb Chuck that the dexterity in their fingers is improving. Since my strokes, I have had problems with my coordination and I find using the Thumb Chucks, fun and helps with my finger and hand exercises.

Available from toy shops, retailers and online with an RRP £7.99. Recommended for ages 5 to 99+.

For more tutorials please visit Thumbchuck Toys

Disclaimer I was sent a set of Thumb Chuck toys for the purpose of this review