The Signs Of A Stroke

It was last year when I had my first stroke, I woke up to find my right arm dead next to me. I should have gone to hospital but I honestly didn’t think anything about it. I knew it wasn’t right but it hadn’t clicked what had actually happened. It wasn’t until I was sat in hospital having ECG’s and various tests and the doctor mentioned TIA . It then struck home – I had had a mini stroke.

I was one of the lucky ones a stroke can be fatal or you can be left in lock -down syndrome.


The strokes ( I have had several they have robbed me of some of my strength in my right side, my self confidence, self esteem ).

  The Signs Of A Stroke



1. F –  Face has the face dropped one side can they smile

2. A –  Can they lift their arms and keep them there. Watch for arm weakness and numbness

3. S – Speech can they talk is their speech slurred or garbled

4. T – Time if you see any of these symptoms dial 999


There is also a new on and that’s the tongue. Get the person to stick their tongue out if it is crooked or goes to one side it could be a sign of a stroke.


Don’t take any chances get help as soon as possible .


Strokes happen at any age to anyone.





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5 comments on “The Signs Of A Stroke

  1. Had appreciated just how the tongue and lips showed things like that … other week at Dentist and lips showed after effect from anaesthetic long after the feeling had disappeared.
    Not the same as having a stroke (obviously) but proved to me have certain small signed can be quite obvious that there is nerve damage present.

    • Thank you for your comment Louise.

      Yes it is very surprising how much our mouth shows. Having dentist anesthetic is awful xx

  2. bother should read back before pressing the magic button.

    First line should read: ‘ Had NOT appreciated just how MUCH the tongue and lips showed things like that …. ‘

  3. so important to know the signs. My dad had a stroke a couple of years ago and once it was confirmed as a stroke, we figured out that he’d probably had a mini-one just a short while before that but he just thought he was feeling funny that day and no-one knew the signs. thankfully he is doing really well but like you say it can be so serious so it is really important to be aware. x
    thebeesleybuzz recently posted..R2BC – Daddy’s weekMy Profile

    • Thank you for your comment

      Sorry to hear your Dad had a stroke. I hope he is fully recovered. – thanks wendy