Telestrations From John Adams
Telestrations From John Adams

Telestrations From John Adams

Do you remember playing Chinese whispers when you were younger and how the simplest message became that twisted, you would burst out laughing from the results. Telestrations from John Adams is an up to date twist of this classical playground game.

This is such a hilarious game as you draw what you see. Telestrations will have you in fits of laughter as the picture is passed round and you draw and guess.

Video Of Telestrations

This game will keep you entertained for hours as each outcome is so unpredictable. The best thing about Telestrations is that you don’t need to be Picasso to play it. If you are like me and can only draw stick figures, this adds more fun to the game.



  • Over 1,100 words
  • 8 dry wipe markers
  • 8 clean up cloths
  • 8 erasable sketch books
  • 60 second timer
  • 1 dice

The object of the game is to play with a sandtimer but you don’t have to , you can play it without and still be as much fun. We found the more obscure the drawing the more fun it was. Fun for all of the family.


Prepare yourself for lots of fun and laughter as you play Telestrations.


Recommended age 8 years +


For more information please visit Telestrations from John Adams Toys

Disclaimer I was sent Telestrations game as part of my role on the Ideal Games Group with John Adams

all images and video credited to John Adams

Games group from John Adams and Ideal
Games group from John Adams and Ideal


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