I am having a change from SEN, life has become too serious. So I am going to write as my alter ego, trying to make it sound mysterious, drum rolls my alter ego is a grumpy old woman.


The grumpy old woman began as I am approaching the big 50 why does it sound sexier when Dano on Hawaii Five-O say it ?. Anyway, this is my musings as I like to call them or my grumbles whichever way this is my writing, ok don’t get so pedantic my typing.


So here we go, one of life’s mysteries how can you put a pair of socks in the wash, yet only one comes out. Does the washer eat them or something?

Do teens have a special handbook of how to grunt, does one grunt mean no and two yes.

Why do people insist on texting each other even though they are stood just 2 feet apart? What is wrong with talking????

I hate people singing at 2 am I don’t want to hear you in the day, I am sure I don’t want to hear you singing at 2 am at the top of your voice. BTW you can’t sing drunk or sober. just saying.

One of the worst sayings that my children say is whatever …. whatever is not an answer, I require a yes or no.

All year I tell my children they are not having chocolate for breakfast then give them chocolate at Easter, talk about mixed messages.

One of my favourite sayings is stand need to, what does it even mean ?????

Why aren’t pop songs like the 80’s where they used to tell a story in the lyrics, nowadays its just noise.

Does the early bird really catch the worm and how do worms know it is early?

Why isn’t real life like the movies, why can’t I get up in the morning with my hair looking like I have just stepped out of a salon instead of looking more like a scarecrow meets Frankenstein??

Why aren’t wagon wheels as big as they used to be, soon they will be nothing but a biscuit if they get much smaller.

Anyway, that is your lot for now until next time

From A Grumpy old woman.