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Making The Garden Safe For Zak

Having children with additional needs makes me assess every situation even more and I find myself doing a risk assessment of everything. The latest project is the garden.

When had the garden decked so the kids could play out on a level surface as the garden was that uneven it seemed the most logical solution. As the warmer weather is approaching ( wishful thinking) it would be nice for the kids to be able to play out.

The only problem is the garden at the minute is not safe for Zak. Zak is 3 years old with autism and varying complex needs. He has no concept of danger or any idea of depth perception. At the moment there is a massive step from the door to the garden. So the plan is to bring the decking to the level of the door so Zak can just walk outside. To make Zaks play area more secure I want to put a bannister and rail around the decking.

The ideal plan is to make the garden into a sensory garden for the children with lots of different things to see and hear like spinners flags wind chimes lights.

Things to smell like different flowers herbs. Lots of different textures as well.

I made a pintrest board of my dream sensory garden to give you a rough idea of what I am trying to achieve my dream sensory garden pintrest board

If anyone can help at all please get in contact – thanks

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