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Making The Garden Safe For Zak

zak 3

Having children with additional needs makes me assess every situation even more and I find myself doing a risk assessment of everything. The latest project is the garden. When had the garden decked so the kids could play out on a level surface as the garden was that uneven it seemed the most logical solution. As the warmer weather is ...

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A Parents Worst Nightmare


This week has just gone from bad to worse, but I can honestly say today has got to be one of the most frightening days of my life. My 11 year old walks home from school and is usually back home around 4.00 ish give or take a few minutes. Today however this wasn’t the case. It got to 4.20 ...

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Kids Baz Bag Review

The Baz bag is great !! It is such a practical bean bag that can be used inside or outside and is so comfy as well. At the moment I am trying to make a sensory room for my 3 children that are autistic but mainly for my youngest one who has severe mobility problems. The baz bag is so ...

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You Don’t Know Me


You don’t me so why do you give me your smug looks, listen your no better than me . Just because you think you have the perfect life, with the perfect house. I wish you would stop looking down your nose at me because frankly its quite boring now, you did used to irritate me but now I think whats ...

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It’s Funny

Cyber Mummy 2011

It’s funny how you look at things at times isn’t it. I had the perfect opportunity to have a rest and recharge my batteries as I went to London for Cybermummy. Now do you think I actually did this, well no, not really. In fact I missed my family so much and was very homesick. Before I even got on ...

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