Stresses And Teenage Angst

I know my daughter has a lot to put up with having 3 younger siblings with autism ,life is very challenging and testing at times. I realise that it can be very frustrating for her as she can’t have her friends round and do all the things a normal teen does ( well if there is such a thing).

Life for my tween can be very exasperating at times as she tries to juggle school life with home life and believe me sometimes in the Savvy house it be very noisy and mad. We try to make up for all she has to put up with like giving her pocket money, little treats. Have joined her up to young carers so she can meet like minded people and realise she is not alone. Do you know what gets me, what really gets me is the ATTITUDE.

If I had talked to my Grandparents the way she speaks to Mr Savvy and me, I would have been grounded for life and the rest. Do tweens/teens have a handbook that teaches them to talk to the parents like that?. How she thinks she can get away with talking to us like muck is beyond me. Then, if we dare pull her up about it all we is SO ……

So, what sort of answer is that.!!! It really riles me the fact she won’t listen to what we say, we get the grunts or the stare. That stare makes me want to chuck a bucket of cold water of her at times, believe me I am very tempted when I get that stare.

I get
” well you don’t understand ”
“Yes I do, talk to me ”
“Grunt, grunt ”
Is her reply.

I remember watching Kevin and Perry as the grunting teenagers thinking Ely will never be like that, we will be like best friends and talk about everything .

MMM something went wrong somewhere. Where did the girl that used to tell me everything go?
It all started going wrong when she started school and went down hill from there. I wonder how long the stresses and teenage angst stage actually lasts. Is it like the terrible 2’s that actually go on for years and years. I hope not I can’t cope with anymore teenage angst and stresses of a teenager.

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