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Storm Saves The Day

When I first got Storm ( who is a Labrador puppy ) 2 months ago I never realised what an impact he would have on our family. He is truly a wonder dog. As he senses the children are different ( 3 of the children are autistic) and he needs to be calm around them. He brings calm to the house and has stopped numerous meltdowns.

These last few weeks have seen Storm come into his own, last night being a perfect example. Zak who is now 3 years old is not your usual neurotypical toddler and has no concept of danger, space awareness due to him being autistic. So we have to constantly keep an eye on Zak as he sees his older brother and sisters doing things he thinks he can do the same. I have a stairgate on the bottom of the stairs to stop Zak attempting to climb the stairs and following his siblings upstairs. Last night one of the children left the stair gate open, Mr Savvy was busy cooking tea. I was on the phone and didn’t notice Zak leaving the room making his way towards the stairs.

Storm must have realised and went charging out of the room and sat himself across the bottom step, preventing Zak being able to get upstairs. What a clever dog, he sensed Zak was in danger and did something to stop him. Storm definitely saved the day and prevented an accident happening. Well done Storm.

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3 comments on “Storm Saves The Day

  1. That is so typical of a labrador, they do sense when people have needs, they are so very intelligent.We rescued a labrador who had been badly abused and so had a problem with men, the RSPCA said because my husband had motor neurone disease he was too vulnerable to take on this difficult dog, my husband insisted that they brought him for a visit, he came in & went straight to my husband’s reclining chair,placed a gentle paw on his lap and from then on hardly left his side, so gently protective of him always.I know that Storm will always take care of your lovely children.xx

    • Thank you Yvonne

      Oh wow what a clever dog, obviously sensed you would give him the loving home and that he needed to be extra careful around your husband. Dogs are so clever.xx

      Thank you I agree and think Storm will look after the children xx