Next month the Savette family are going on their first family camping holiday all thanks to the lovely people at Vango. We were asked to review the new Vango AirBeam Eclipse tent. So we accepted the opportunity with open arms and are going to Scotland on our first ever family camping holiday.

Camping for us is the ideal holiday as I have 3 children with autism and varying needs who wouldn’t cope with the hustle and bustle of a hotel or the noises of a big complex. With camping there are no set rules, you can come and go as you please.

I love the idea of being able to sit out at night playing board games at the table while we wile away the hours and just watch the world go by. There will be no appointments to attend, no running from A to B to get to C. Just nice relaxed, go at our pace holiday.

I am really looking forward to this holiday as this last year has been unbearable. With my strokes, heart operation. It has all put a lot of stress on the family. Now we just need to relax and recharge our batteries in preparation of the next set of challenges.

Do you know what I am looking forward to?, that first cup of tea when the tent is up. Then I know this is the beginning of hopefully what will be a wonderful holiday with lots of new experiences.