Rubiks_cuber in Training
Rubiks_cuber in Training

Rubik’s Uk Championship Blogger Challenge Part 2

A group of bloggers and myself have been issued a series of challenges for the Rubik’s cube to Rubik’s Cube UK Championship Challenge on the 16th- 17th November. We have completed our first challenge which you can read about Challenge 1 .

Challenge 2

  • Complete the Cube in a difficult situation, ie) in a three legged race, while taking part in an obstacle course, whilst playing tag, all under 20 minutes

I chose to complete the cube whilst playing board games with the children. We were playing Gooey Louie while I tried to solve the cube in under 20 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t do it, I think I became more engrossed in the game. As the children were squealing   and tears streamed down my face as I was  crying with laughter. Just the faces on the children everytime Gooey Louie’s brain popped out was a picture.


I did manage the white side ( the first stage )

Rubik's cube white side completed
Rubik’s cube white side completed





The First 2 rows of each colour

Rubik's cube the first 2 rows completed
Rubik’s cube the first 2 rows completed



Disclaimer I was sent a Rubik’s cube for the purpose of this challenge as I am Rubik’s cuber in training


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