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Rubik’s Uk Championship Blogger Challenge Part 1

To celebrate the Rubik’s Cube UK Championship Challenge on the 16th- 17th November. A group of bloggers including myself have been a given a series of Rubik Cube Challenges to complete over the next 9 days.

I remember spending hours as a teenager trying to complete the Rubik’s cube. Now years later the Rubuik’s cube has become a good friend ( when things go right ) but also my enemy as I have been ready to throw it out of the window when it goes wrong.

One of the challenges is to complete the Rubik’s against the clock. I have failed dismally at this so far, if the challenge had been who can complete the cube in the longest time I would have won it hands down. I have to complete the cube in under 20 minutes.

For a tutorial on How To Complete The Rubik’s Cube visit Solving The Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks cube starter pack

Rubiks cube starter pack

Disclaimer I was sent a Rubik Cube as part of the starter pack for the purpose of this challenge

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