Rubiks_cuber in Training
Rubiks_cuber in Training

Rubik’s Cube Uk Championship With John Adams

For the last few weeks a group of bloggers including myself have been completing a series of challenges to complete the Rubik’s cube. Admittedly we have had solutions and help of online videos. You can see the previous challenges we took part in Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 .

I must admit it took me over 20 hours to first complete the Rubik’s cube. I must learn to twist it the correct way else it messes everything up. I did eventually manage to get it down to just under 10 minutes I think that was just a fluke as it all seemed to fit into place the next time it took me 15 minutes. It does make a difference if you turn the Rubik’s cube the wrong way.

My times of trying to complete the Rubik’s cube is nothing compared to the Rubik’s Cube Uk Champion Thom Barlow with an very impressive average time of just 10.64 seconds. The runner up had an impressive average time of 11.03 seconds. This years Rubik’s Uk Championship was sponsored by John Adams attracted over a 100 competitors from 14 different countries. Who competed in over ten traditional and non-traditional official cubing events.

All through the challenges it’s been fun, reliving my childhood again and FINALLY !!! being able to solve the Rubik’s cube and the fact I can complete it in under half an hour. For me this is a massive achievement. I would like to thank John Adams for choosing me to be part of the Rubik’s Cuber in training it’s been fun.

The trick to completing the Rubik’s cube is to do it in sequences

You start with making a cross

Rubik's cube yellow cross completed
Rubik’s cube yellow cross completed

Rubik’s Cube One Square to complete

Rubik's cube one square to complete
Rubik’s cube one square to complete

The completed Rubik’s cube

The completed Rubik's cube
The completed Rubik’s cube

Disclaimer I was sent a Rubik’s cube starter pack for the purpose of this challenge

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