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Outdoor Fun With Chad Valley From Argos

Now the weather has improved fingers crossed its time to start thinking about outdoor activities for the children. I love looking through Argos catalogue for inspiration for activities for the children.

Just as each child is unique, the way a child use with the same piece of equipment is unique.

Chad Valley Trampoline And Safety Enclosure


A trampoline can be great fun especially used with the safety enclosure making it a fun and safe way for the children to have lots of active fun. Also for a child with hyper-mobility a trampoline can be a great therapy tool as the jumping action is good as it exercises the core stability.

This Chad Valley 6ft Trampoline with safety enclosure is ideal RRP 89.99

Chad Valley Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castles are great at parties so why not bring the party fun into your garden a make it a party day everyday. As the children leap, bounce and jump as they squeal with laughter. A bouncy castle is a great way for children to socialise whilst having lots of fun. It can help a child with co-ordination problems as they learn to jump.

How about the Chad Valley 6ft bouncy castle RRP 99.99

Chad Valley Big Blocks

Bigablocks House

Big Blocks are a great way for a child to become creative . I love the versatility of the Big Blocks as they can be turned into anything from a house, to a desk to a plane and used indoors or outdoors. Giving the children a chance to express their own ideas. Big Blocks are great for co-ordination, building skills, imaginative play

For imaginative fun Chad Valley Big Blocks RRP £139.99

For more ideas for activities for children visit Chad Valley at Argos

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