My Thoughts

My Thoughts

I was so young when you went, you left me in this cold, dark world. What would I do ? where would I go ?. I miss you come back to me, please say it’s a dream. I know I am going to wake up and you are going to be right beside me. Nothing feels the same, it’s all empty and bare.

They try to tell me that it will be alright, everything will be ok. It isn’t. I’m not wanted by the ones that should love me. I have been thrown into the gutter and I can’t get out. I sit and sob, I think about the future without you in it. I want you to see me at school, I wanted to make you proud.

Everytime the door bell rings I still expect to see you standing there, full of laughter and not a care in the world. We used to go walking hand in hand, I felt safe when you were there. You looked after me and you cared.

Now I feel scared, I’m alone where are you ? please don’t go

( My thoughts after my dad died when I was 10 years old )

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  1. What happened?

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