cover of Mum's Guide To The University Search

Mum’s Guide To The University Search by Dagmar Morris is a very useful and helpful guide for parents in the minefield of finding the right university. This is a book that I totally relate to. My daughter is currently at college and hoping to go to university in a year’s time.

The book covers everything you need to know from the first dilemma of whether they are actually on the right course at college to qualify for the university course criteria as well as finding out their predicted grades. All these are equally important when looking for the right university. That all universities are NOT the same and all offer different things.

Each of the chapters covers all you need to know, want to know. It shows it is not so simple to choose the first university, it is all about choosing the right one. As well as covering the practicalities of student loans and ways to help avoid being in debt.

There are easy to follow steps from making your list of potential universities to making the short list.Next, you have to think about accommodation and the decisions surrounding this. Is the child go to stay at home and commute or are they going to live on campus or rent privately? There is a lot to consider and sometimes the cheapest option may not be the best option.

Once you have found the right university, accommodation. You need to prepare them for university life. Things like teaching them to make a bed, cook quick and easy meals, basically so they learn to look after themselves.

Mum’s Gide To The University Search also gives you a brief look into university life along with practical ideas and suggestions to help make the child’s time at university a bit smoother.

For me, this book is going to be so useful as we start to look for the right university. Let the search begin.

Mum’s Guide To The University Search by Dagmar Morris RRP £9.99

Disclaimer I was sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review.