Me, Me, Me Society – A Teens Battle

Last night I had to face one of my most difficult battles so far,that was to get my teen daughter to eat. I saw how she sat staring at her plate, the look on her face was awful. This is all due to her so called “friend” I say that term loosely calling my daughter FAT !!!

What this “friend” doesn’t realise the impact this hurtful throw away comment has made on my daughter. Now my daughter sees food as her enemy not the fact that it can give her energy and help her grow.

After asking for some advice on Twitter and Facebook , I mean I didn’t know how to handle it. I found something very upsetting that this was in fact more common within teenagers. Whether it be peer pressure or like my daughter a throw away hurtful comment, the fact remains that teens are very selfish and hurt each other. They think of me, me, me and don’t really care about the feelings of others.

Rather than encouraging and nurturing each other the teen society is a me, me ,me society. Everyone is vying to be top dog, better than then their peers. There is a massive divide of loyalty. I asked for advice and all I received in return from my peers was lots of support.

So back to the battle of food well this has go to be fought one meal at a time. Show my daughter that food is an essential part of living.

She was on about the qualifications she needs to be a teacher and her future. I told her unless she starts to eat that she won’t have a future as she won’t be here. Now this gave her food for thought – pardon the pun but it made her re-think, re-evaluate her situation. I wonder when they grow out of the me,me ,me society ?

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