Magical Moments Of Autism

Magical Moments Of Autism

Zak is nearly 3 years old but he is far from a typical toddler and rarely does things a normal toddler does. I feel sad at times that we miss out on so many moments. I have just experienced a really wonderful moment and not one I thought we would ever witness.

Zak came up to me and brought me a book he has been doing this for a few weeks, but normally takes it off me as soon as he has given it me. He came and sat next to me so I thought I would try and read with him, something he doesn’t let me do.

Today he not only sat down with me and let me read the book, he also let me discuss the animals in the pictures. Better than that he saw a cow and made a moo noise.

This was a very magical moment of autism that we rarely see.


  1. Those little moments are so precious. It seems to me that Zack is experiencing a little break through in his development. He obviously wants you to acknowledge that he is doing something good. Thank you Wendy for sharing this precious moment with us.

  2. Oh, how lovely Wendy. I bet that made you flush with pride. Bless him!

  3. That must have seemed like a miracle … it is easy to get to stage where you think things like this will never happen …. and then they go and surprise you. :)

    • Thank you for your comment Louise.

      It is times like these do seem like a miracle you do think you are never going to get there.:)

  4. I have been behavioral interventionist for the past 6 years, I stumbled on your blog just doing my own research. This story brings tears to my eyes! Those moments are so cherished by parents, I am so happy for you and your family! thanks for sharing such a magical moment in your life!