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Lego Games – Creationary

I bet you didn’t know that Lego made games as well I mean how cool is that, now adults have the perfect excuse to play with Lego even more. As part of my new role as a Lego Family blogger which I am absolutely ecstatic about as I have always loved Lego. Lego games are a new collection of games that get you to build and play, whilst having lots of fun.


Creationary is one of those games where you can show off your level of building skills. As you throw the unique buildable dice what will you build? Can others guess what your creation is. This game is full of laughter and fun. What will the dice land on Nature, Vehicles, Buildings or Things. As you frantically try and build what you see on the card in front of you. A great game to test your imagination, building skills but most of all your Creationary skills.

There are 3 levels of difficulty



  •  buildable lego dice
  • Lego minifigure
  • Lego microfigure
  • 96 cards
  • Set of rules

You could make Creationary even more fun by adding a timer to building your creations and watch as players battle to build their creation before the timer stops.

I would definitely recommend Creationary for hours of fun and laughter.

Recommended for ages 7+  for 3- 8 players

RRP £24.99 from Lego shop

Disclaimer I was sent a box of various lego sets and games as part of my Lego family blogger role.

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