words relating to Autism

For just one day I would like the mornings to go smoothly with no meltdowns, shouting or fighting between the children.
For just one day I would love the autism and ADHD to stay away just so I could experience a quieter day.
For just one day I would like my children to be accepted for who they are not some freaks or have to endure ignorance of autism at it’s worst.
For just one day I would like the kids to be able to play outside without people spying on them and watching their every move. Or get told to shut up when they dare make a noise.
For just one day I want to not be scared each time the phone rings, wondering which school wants us now.
For just one day I would like for Zak to sleep in his own bed sometimes it becomes crowded with 3 in a bed.

My hopes, dreams and daydreams

One of my biggest hopes that we win the lottery, told you these were daydreams. Move to a bigger house so that each of the children could have their own room. More importantly that they had a big garden to run around in. Learn to ride a bike and for once be like a “normal ” child.

I would love to book a holiday and be able to go without worrying what the other holiday makers would say or that my child would try to run away.

I would love to get a mobility scooter, just so I could get out and about. My husband would be able to walk near me, not have to push me in my wheelchair. Thanks to my strokes that have robbed me of my mobility I have to wait for someone to push my wheelchair because of losing all my strength on my right side, I would just go round and round in circles if I tried to propel myself.

For some, who take all these things for granted but to me, this is my world and my life.