Jenna’s School Adventure

Yesterday Jenna went to visit her new middle school as part of the transition period. Due to her complex needs she can’t cope with change. So her current school have been working with us and her new school to make the transition a bit smoother.

The idea was that she was to visit the school so she could get used to the layout, the noises and especially the vast amount of children. Also she was going to have lunch there again to help her get used to all the hustle and bustle. She coped very well and seemed to enjoy being there.

After lunch Jenna went on to the school field and got to meet a lot of the year 5 and 6 pupils. Who all made her feel very welcome and asking her name etc. The year 5 and 6 pupils feel in love with Jenna and she definitely became the star of the school as they all said goodbye to her as the lunch bell sounded.

I think Jenna is going to fit in very well at her new school.

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  1. ah how wonderful. hope she’ll have a wonderful time at middle school xxx

  2. Hope it all goes well x

  3. This pleases me so much to hear!! Yay! Go Jenna! :) X x

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