According to a survey taken by the National Autistic Society shown that 63% of young people with Autism are being bullied. That is a large proportion don’t you think.

I personally think this is awful as society cannot accept different.

I want to share my daughter’s story and show that it is not only people with Autism that are bullied but their siblings get the backlash and are bullied as well.

My daughter was in her 2nd year of Junior school when the bullying started. At first I didn’t know it was going on but I did know something was wrong, something wasn’t quite right. She went from being a very extrovert little girl to very quiet and introvert. It didn’t happen overnight but looking back now they were signs were there.

I did notice the parents that once talked to me never used to stand next to me and I would be stood on my own with my 2 children in the pram, screaming. It didn’t matter what I did the children kept screaming but it wasn’t a normal scream it was a very high pitched banshee scream. As time went on my daughter became reluctant to leave school and would often come out when everyone else was gone.

This went on for a few months the parents isolated me and my family even more.

Finally, after months of asking my daughter what was wrong. My daughter broke down and told me she was being bullied at school because of the weird noises her brother and sister were making. The kids had been told by their PARENTS to stay away from my daughter because what ever was wrong with my children might be contagious !!.

I couldn’t believe my ears !!!, what was going on ???. Soon after all this came out my son was diagnosed with Autism and my daughter Autistic traits. I went in to see both the teacher and headmaster but they were at a loss of what to do. I contacted the National Autistic Society as I was new to autism as well and didn’t really know much about it. They suggested sending some literature so the teacher could hand out to the class and maybe do a lesson around it.

Of course it never happened the teacher just wouldn’t listen to what I was saying and didn’t want to know. Then fate intervened.

By some miracle we were offered a brand new house on a new development by a housing association. This meant my daughter had to change schools and start again.

Her new teacher was very understanding of our families situation and actually did a whole lesson around autism and people can be different. He ended up becoming the school’s SENCO.

Another example of bullying and isolation is this great post from Deb Aspie In The Family

The picture is of my family 3 of my children have AUTISM