Is He With Me ?

Today should of been my Dad’s birthday but unfortunately he was cruelly taken away from me as he was killed in a car accident whilst we were on holiday in Sicily when I was 10 years old. Even though years have flown by and now have my own family, the hurt of losing him and him not being here is harder than ever, more so these last few months.

I knew when he died even though was were 100 miles apart. You see I had a dream my dad was sitting on a branch of a tree looking down at me and he said

Wendy I have to go now, but remember I am always with you. I am always there by your side

Just after I had this dream my Nana received a phone call to say my dad had died.

I have always clung on to this dream, whether it was subconscious or it was my dad I don’t know. These last few months as my health has deteriorated I have felt my dad near me. The days were I am struggling to cope, he is with me. Sometime this year I am hopefully having an operation to close the hole in my heart and I am worried, scared about it. Yet when I get scared there is a calm that comes over me that helps me cope and manage my feelings.

I believe he will be with me whilst I am in the operating theatre watching over me. I do believe he is with me right now looking over me and watching me.

So Happy Birthday Dad may you be dancing with the angels.

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14 comments on “Is He With Me ?

  1. Wendy, what a lovely post. I am sure your Dad is there with you every day helping you to get through this. Much love xx