I’m Not Superwoman

Have you ever felt you have lost your way ?, the things you used to find amusing just make you go “whatever ” . That’s how I am feeling at the moment. I am lost in this void where there are no sides to clamber out.

Life is tough for us as a family at the best of times, as a mum to 4, 3 of whom have autism and a stroppy teenager, who just grunts when ever she is asked a question and has the temper of Mount Edna that is about to erupt at anytime. Evenings in our house are NEVER quiet you can’t just chill. It’s full on head on demolition derby as one child competes with the other to see who can be the loudest that night. Then there is Mr Savvy my own superman who sits there just mediating the evenings entertainment.

I’m not superwomen anymore, you see I can’t run after the kids, I can’t cope with all the stress. I get overwhelmed by everything at the moment. The world for me has lost its colour its all fuzzy and smeared. It’s no fun anymore.

One day drifts into another and I am totally oblivious to it all.

Without my superman Mr Savvy I would be totally lost, he does everything I used to. He is my listening ear when I want someone to talk to, he is my rock. For now I lost my super powers they have all been relinquished, they might return one day. For now its ok to admit to the rest of the world I am not superwoman and the fact I’m not coping.

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  1. Debbie Alexander

    You are still a superwomen but superwomen need a rest and time out too :-) x

  2. I second that. You need a moment to yourself. Walk round the block for 10 mins and leave them to battle it out. I think we are all feeling a bit stretched right now. I’m doing the round-up about successes and achievements to cheer everyone up this month. Got a post to share?

  3. Amanda Sinclair

    I third that! We all need time out…. my fuse has almost extinguished too.. ! hugs wendy xxx

  4. Oh yes, there’s nothing wrong with a little time out in order to regroup yourself. Thank goodness you’ve got a superman at your back!

  5. You will get there lovely. You are too lovely not to x

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