Zak Von Dracula
Zak Von Dracula

I Will Fight Fight Fight

The next few weeks are very important to regards Zak’s schooling. As Zak has now turned 4 years old, he is going to start school in September. Despite having autism, global delay development and Gene 16p 11.2 micro duplication which all hinder the way he learns and takes information in. The powers that be have said that Zak will attend a mainstream school without any support.

Now my argument is that he DOES need support at school whether it be mainstream or a special school. He can’t cope in noisy environments, he doesn’t eat solids, he is not toilet trained or showing any signs of toilet awareness. He has very limited speech and is currently having speech and language sessions. Has no concept of feelings whether it be his own feelings or that of others. He is very adult led rather than peer led – which is common in children with autism.

These are just a few arguments that I have the list is long and endless, yet they still say he doesn’t need support. We will see who wins this fight. All I am going to say is that Zak will get the right support HE NEEDS whatever it takes.

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  1. Aamanda Sinclair

    go girl!!! fight fight and fight! Is on early years or early years + at nursery?

  2. We are all standing behind you Wendy xx Don’t let them beat you, stand your ground! In the meantime, we will keep on supporting you through the electronic waves of the internet, and remember we are only a few clicks away xx I found a good thud on the table with my fist made a fantastic inpact 😉 Keep strong xx Justine

  3. Can’t believe the LEA are even suggesting this Wendy. Put on your big boots and tell them what’s what. It will be a fight but you will win because you have to. It is sooooo important to Zac.

    • Hi Louise thanks for your comment.

      I know it’s ridiculous isn’t it ? . I am going to fight them all the way. Zak so needs the support xx

  4. And I thought that only here we have stupid schooling system…

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