I Only Went To Make A Cup Of Coffee

I Only Went To Make A Cup Of Coffee

The other night I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for my husband. Nothing unusual about that is there? It was what happened whilst I was in the kitchen.

I came out of the kitchen struggling to hold the cup ( which again isn’t unusual) however it was how I was talking. Imagine how numb your mouth is when you have been to the dentist, well that was me. Except I hadn’t been to the dentist, yet my right side of my mouth had gone numb. I actually had bite my tongue and usually it hurts but nothing no pain, no sensation.

It seems the monster inside of me had reared its head again and had caused me to have yet another mini stroke, even though I was just making a cup of coffee. Strokes can happen anytime and anywhere. There is no warning. Tell me how do I explain to the kids mummy can’t talk at the moment she’s had a stroke. I only went to make a cup of coffee.

  • http://www.tots100.co.uk Sally

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery Wendy. Take care xx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Sally x

  • http://myzdamenasworld.blogspot.co.uk gail r

    Se.Di.g loads ofhugs xxx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Gail x

  • http://jontybabe.blogspot.com jontybabe

    oh hun. Sending lots of love and healing wishes your way.xxxxxx

  • http://www.prestonprecious.com Kelly Wiffin

    Oh no. I hope you recover very soon x

    • Wendy

      Thank you Kelly x

  • http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup liveotherwise

    Lots of love and strength to you.

    • Wendy

      Thank you Jax x

  • http://www.mothersalwaysright.com Molly

    Oh goodness, I hope you feel better soon. Sending love your way. xxx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Molly x

  • http://www.iamtypecast.com Nickie

    Hope you get better soon, Wendy x

    • Wendy

      Thank you Nickie x

  • Kara

    Sending lots of love and ((hugs)) xxx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Kara x

  • http://www.themummyblogger.co.uk Charlotte Everiss

    Oh Wendy, so sorry to hear this. You’ve always been there for me when I needed picking up or was down. Please get better soon and hope you can get some rest x

    • Wendy

      Thank you Charlotte x

  • http://www.mummymummymum.com Emma @mummymummymum

    oh no, sending you lots of love. Get well soon. xxx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Emma x

  • http://www.coombemill.com/blog Coombemill – Fiona

    It must be such a scary thing, wishing all the best for a speedy recovery

    • Wendy

      Thank you yes it is very scary as I always worry the next stroke could be a major one

  • http://www.etspeaksfromhome.blogspot.co.uk/ Eileen Teo

    sending a lot of love and hugs, wendy!

    • Wendy

      Thank you Eileen x

  • http://thinlyspread.co.uk/ Chris at Thinly Spread

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Wendy and sending lots of love x

    • Wendy

      Thank you x

  • http://www.curlyandcandid.co.uk Nicki Cawood

    Thinking of you Wendy xx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Nicki x

  • http://www.lookingforbluesky.com/ Looking for Blue Sky

    Thinking of you Wendy and really hoping something can be done to stop these strokes soon x

    • Wendy

      Thank you Candi

  • http://www.babybudgeting.co.uk becky

    Sorry to hear this Wendy how frustrating fo ryou my firned. take care big hugs xx

    • Wendy

      Thank you Becky x

  • http://Brightsideoflifeasd.blogspot.com Bright Side of Life

    Sorry to hear this, Wendy. Thinking of you.

    • Wendy

      Thank you

  • http://www.stephstwogirls.blogspot.co.uk StephsTwoGirls

    oh no, that must be so difficult for you. Hope you have some help/good friends nearby you can call on. Take care x

    • Wendy

      Thank you x

      No friends/family just me and hubby xx

  • TheMadHouse

    You are in my thoughts. Hope that things improve

    • Wendy

      Thank you Jen.

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  • Petra

    I’m so sorry. I totally missed this. I really hope you will get better soon. Hold on there. Thinking of you. xxx