Happy Birthday Savette.Com

It’s hard to believe that Savette.com is now 2 years old. So much has happened over these last 2 years it’s been amazing. Savette Gazette as it was first known by, was created to be a web site to raise awareness of autism and special needs. It soon became much more than that and took on its own persona and in turn became Savette.com.

These last 2 years have seen so many changes and highs and lows. The main one being Zak, we have been on such an emotional rollercoaster. I have seen him go from not being able to do anything or move to now a days on a good day he is such a little character as toddles round. We had the whole process of his diagnosis and even though we have been through 2 diagnosis before this one hit home a lot more as we struggled to cope with his autism. The quirks were more difficult to recognise, the meltdowns more intense. He still doesn’t sleep well and he is still living on fortified milk as he won’t accept solids. He had an MRI scan that had to be one of the most emotional days of our life as we worried what the outcome would be.

Then last year my life was turned upside down as I suffered a mini stroke, it wasn’t long till I was suffering from multiple TIA’s ( mini stroke). I had an MRI scan that showed multiple bleeds and a cyst on my brain. Then to top it all I was diagnosed with a hole in the heart (congenital heart defect) which they believe is the cause of the strokes. So now I am on a waiting list for a heart operation to repair the hole. I have gone from a young vibrant mum to OAP over night. Don’t laugh all my care is under care for the elderly. I have sat on the brink of another world but I’m not ready to leave this one yet, I want to be here for my family.

Blogging has helped me so much as it has allowed me to vent my spleen, share the good times. It became my therapy when I had my strokes and allowed me to share the impact a stroke has on the whole of the family not just me. We have all had to learn to adjust. I have laughed, cried and everything else in between as I have written my posts.

So thank you to all my readers , to all those that like and share this blog. I hope I show that my posts are wrote from the heart. Thank you for making Savette.com the blog it is today

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  1. Happy blog birthday! Here’s to many more years blogging!x

  2. happy bloggy birthday. hoping that the coming year will have more ups than downs for you to blog about. xxx

  3. Happy blog birthday! 2 years have flown in! Looking forward to many more years of your fab blog. x

  4. Wow, must be amazing to see how your blog has transformed over the 2 years in a similar way to Zak blossoming as he is now. Happy blog birthday, here’s to many, many more xx

  5. Congratulations Wendy on an amazing job all round. Never forget: you deserve perfect health and total happiness, and you are a wonderful and inspiring woman to your family, friends and readers. Here’ s to the next ten years blogging, a great repair job on your ticker and more bounce in your step than a rubber ball! X

  6. Wendy,

    I came across your blog today.
    Well done!

    Sorry to learn of your stroke. Navigating the landscape of life after a stroke, is something I am all-too familiar with. I have survived two, and shared the journey in my new book, Thresholds: Connecting Body and Soul after Brain Injury. It’s website is at Larrypray.com, there there is also a four-minute video that captures some of its threads.

    Most of all, know that while there have been changes, your essence as a person remains. Hold on, take heart, and know that life is still calling.

    I wish you well.


    • Thank you for your comment Larry

      I agree a stroke is a very life changing event. I am beginning to get back to how I was just a very slow process

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