Yesterday saw grumpy have a birthday another year older and rapidly approaching the disgraceful age of 50. Anyway having been rudely woken up by the little people I got up to see what delights I had to look forward to. One of which was an eye test.

Up to now, I hadn’t needed glasses so I knew I would be fine. I was in for a shock, not only did I need glasses to read I also need to wear glasses to watch TV. Bring on the Deidre Barlow meets Dame Edna Everage glasses. To make me feel really grumpy I have astigmatism in both eyes. What the heck is, astigmatism how did it end up in my eyes.!!!!!

The cheek of the weather on my birthday and it blooming rains, not just a drop or two a full blown on shower. Didn’t it realise it was MY birthday, how dare it?

So not just another year older but get wet as well the perfect grumpy birthday.

Did I get what I wanted NO, I didn’t I was waiting for Lucifer all day and he didn’t even show up. I mean talk about letting someone down. Oh and before you say Lucifer is a character of a TV series don’t be silly I see him every week of course he exists.