What is going on with the weather, why is it sunny but so blooming cold

It shouldn’t be cold with the sun out, come on sort yourself out !!!!!!

When I sit outside I don’t want people looking at me from their bedroom window. There is a thing called PRIVACY !!!

Why is there nothing to watch on the TV with hundreds of channels, yet when there were only 4 channels we had lots to watch?

Why does my teenager take so long to start getting ready in the morning, more than 10 minutes is a bit excessive an hour is a joke !!!

Why does it take my teen so long to come downstairs even though I constantly call her?

When it comes to children with additional needs why is everything such a BATTLE !!!!!!!!!!

Why do I feel like I am still in my 20’s yet my body is that of 120 year old.

Why do teens insist on swearing come on potty mouths you would never hear me ******* swearing or using ******* bad ******* language.

Why do people think I want to listen to THEIR music, there is a thing such as a volume button. Turn it the ******* down.

What is it with my dog constantly moulting, I mean 4 years is a bit too long.

I wouldn’t want to live in Coronation Street, god how many problems can one street have !!!

Anyway that’s your lot for today

from A Grumpy Old Woman remember stay Grumpy