I was amazed to see how well the children played with the Topps Disney Princess Trading Cards , Zak and Jenna devised different games with their cards.

The Original Topps Disney Princess Game

Each of the Princess Cards has a heart on the bottom left-hand corner, right and bravery shield to the right-hand corner. There is a Princess symbol in the top right-hand corner.

Including in the starter pack is everything you need to start the game. The aim of the game is the first person to collect all 5 symbols.

Alternative Games

Another game and that is you deal out the pack of cards each player turns a card over and chooses a category, from a heart, bravery and princess symbol. The winner is the one with the with the highest symbol., from a heart, bravery and Princess symbol. The winner is the one with the with the highest symbol.

An alternative to this game is the winner is the one that picks the lowest value symbol.

Another game that Zak and Jenna played was with all the duplicate cards they played snap and pairs. As well as name that Princess.

  • A Disney Princess starter pack which contains a collector binder RRP £4.99.
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    A pack of 8 cards RRP £1.00
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