I have saved this review specifically for today as my youngest daughter has gone on holiday and I knew my youngest son would be upset when she left. When I showed him the Funrise Bubble Wand there were screams of delight as he loves playing with bubbles, he thinks bubbles are magical.

To begin with, the Bubble wand requires 2 AA batteries and the compartment can be located at the back of the bubble wand.

We had a practice of how to use the Bubble wand. Add the solution in the tray provided and dip the Bubble wand into the solution.

picture of the funrise bubble wand in action

Funrise Bubble wand

As you can see the result is a gigantic bubble. As The special formula used to create Gazillion Bubbles solution has been shown to create bigger, more plentiful bubbles, but for 2017 the experience gets even bigger taking its superior bubble solution to another level as well as new gadgets and gizmos that will create bigger bubbles than ever before

My son using the funrise bubble wand

Funrise Bubble wand

As you press the button of the wand, giant bubbles are released. My son loved them. I can’t wait for the warmer weather when he can go outside and play with this more. At least today it helped him cope with his sister going away.

  • Gazillion Bubbles are a premium Bubbles and are available in both orginal and Big Bubble solution
  • The bubble refills are available in 8oz, 2L and 4L bottles.
  • Perfect for the warmer weather to have lots of fun with the giant bubbles

Funrise Gazillion Bubble Wand is available from Argos RRP £12.99

Aimed at 3-year-olds – 7-year-olds

Disclaimer I was sent a Funrise Gazillion Bubble wand for the purpose of this review

All images are credited to Savette.com and Funrise