For Just One Day

For just one day I would love to have a day without autism, without its tantrums and its tears.

For just one day I want to see my Grandad again and tell me that everything is going to be ok.

For just one day I want to be able to run carefree around the park, instead of struggling to just get to the end of the road.

For just one day I want my house to be in order instead of the disarray.

For just one day I want to my children to be able to walk down the street without the looks and stares.

For just one day I want my husband to be able to have a good night’s sleep instead of carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

For now I will have to wait for my one day to come .

What’s your one day ?

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  1. my one day would be to have wendy back to normal the kids to have a normal child for a day and for me to get a good nights sleep

  2. For just one day, I’d like a day without therapy for Mr Boo, a day without worrying about the next milestone and will it ever be reached. A day when the house was tidy, admin was up-to-date and the four of us could go out in the sunshine, play and laugh and leave anxiety on our doorstep.

    (I’ve recently found your blog and really like it. This is a lovely post.)

    • Thank you for your comment and welcome to

      Yours is a lovely list, hope one day they come true for you xx

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