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Luke with Thomas at Drusillas Park
Luke with Thomas at Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park For A Fun Day Out

One of our favourite places to visit is Drusillas Park in East Sussex. It’s easy to see why Drusillas Park is so popular with children and adults alike. As there is lots to see and do for all the family, making each visit educational and fun.

I love the fact that Drusillas is set up in such a way you can do as little or as much as you want on your visit and personalise it to your needs and abilities. Drusillas is much more than just a zoo, it is also offers lots of fun as well with its adventure playground situated in the middle of the park. The Go Bananas jungle themed playground is a great way for younger children to let off steam or Go Wild playground for older children. In the summer there is the Explorer Lagoon where the children can cool off and the parents have a chance to sit down.

Jenna meeting Peppa Pig and George at Drusillas Park
Jenna meeting Peppa Pig and George at Drusillas Park

As well as all the activities provided. Drusillas Park have special guests and events throughout the year. We were lucky to meet Peppa Pig and George on one of our many visits to the park. One such event is a very special night that is held once a year called Dreamnight. Where Drusillas park opens it’s doors after hours to disabled and chronically sick children and their families. It is such a wonderful night as there is no one to judge the children when they scream or make inappropriate noises. Convaid cruisers Maclaren buggies and wheel chairs are the norm and no one looks twice at you. The kids are so relaxed as they take part in the entertainment provided. This year it was circus skills. Get to ride Thomas the Train repeatedly.

I found Drusillas Park very disabled friendly as there are lots of alternate paths for wheelchairs. My son could access things despite being sat in a wheelchair as everything was at a suitable height.

Zak at Dreamnight at Drusillas Park
Zak at Dreamnight at Drusillas Park

If the weather becomes inclement there is a amazing indoor soft play area . My children love the Amazon Adventure play area and would happily spend all day there if they could. For the adults there is a cafe where you can purchase snacks and drinks.

Throughout the park there are plenty of places to purchase snacks and drinks. Parking isn’t a problem as there are lots of parking spaces as well as designated carpark for disabled parking.

For more information on Drusillas Park please visit Drusillas Park

Disclaimer I wanted to write this post as we love Drusillas Park

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  1. Didn’t know about the dream night! We have not been to Drusillas yet, keep meaning to as its not toooo far!

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