Draw Something

Draw Something By Hasbro/ Zynga

Hasbro have partnered with Zynga and helped bring online games such as Word With Friends, Cityville, Draw Something to life through board games. I’m sure most of us have played Draw Something online which is dubbed the addictive social drawing game. As you draw a picture of the word on the card and the first one to guess wins a coin for easy word, 2 coins for a medium word and 3 coins for a hard word.

How To Play Draw Something

  • Pick a  Draw Something card
  • Select a word – there are easy, medium , hard words
  • Place the card in your draw station so everyone can see. The letters that spell the answer are in there
    mixed up
  • Draw your chosen word
  • Everyone shouts guesses, until someone guesses the answer.

You score coins if you guess correctly and the first person to 15 coins is the winner of Draw Something.


There is no skill involved in Draw Something game just lots of fun and laughter.  Stick figures and sense of humour are a must. My children loved this game especially at my drawings as I am no Picasso and can’t draw. Draw Something was the packaging it is in shape of a pencil, the children thought this was so cool.

Draw Something is available at most good toys shops RRP £19.99 

Draw Something is recommended for ages 8+

Disclaimer we sent a Draw Something game.

All images credited to Hasbro

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