Choosing a Secondary school is one decision that will have a huge impact on your child’s life as well as hoping that they will be nurtured,¬†happy and safe. When your child has SEN – Special Educational Needs your worry is that is the child going to fit in, find their niche and the most important are they going to be happy and safe.

When we thought about Secondary school for Jenna we immediately assumed with all her challenges she would be accepted at the local Special school and she would be just as happy there as her older brother. Just to cover our backs we also applied for the school my oldest daughter had been to. It was a win-win situation as we knew about both of the schools.

The day came when we were to learn about the secondary school. OMG !!! we were thrown a massive curveball and never saw this coming. She didn’t get into special school because at the moment she doesn’t have the all-important EHC also she wasn’t offered a place at our second choice school.

Feeling deflated I read the email, she was offered a place at a school we have never considered. I know where it was but didn’t know anything about it. Quickly scanning the internet I began to read more and more about this school.

Hang on, this fits her SEN perfectly, smaller groups etc. This might actually be better than our original choices. So we booked a meeting with the school SENCO and was going to look around and discuss Jenna’s needs.

Life has a habit of throwing curveballs when you least expect them. Anyway, we received a phone call for an appointment with the paediatrician, it was at the same time as our meeting with the school. Sorry, but there is no contest. We were going to cancel the school and attend the hospital meeting.


After explaining our concerns to the paediatrician he not only agreed with us, he also is putting Jenna for an ADOS screening test. The outcome of this test will not only tell us exactly what difficulties, quirks Jenna has but also it will give us more evidence for her much needed EHC.

So, when it all looks black, you feel so tired from fighting for everything for your SEN child. DON’T give up things have a strange way of turning round and sometimes in ways we haven’t even thought about.