As my health took quite a battering these last few years from all the strokes and heart problems. Things that I would either love to do or love to have.

  • My biggest wish is to have a bigger house away from everyone around here who think it is acceptable to shout at my kids for playing and telling them to shut up.
  • To get a hottub this has always been a dream but it would make a perfect hydro therapy pool for me and the kids. Plus I think it would be amazing to sit in it on a cold night looking up at the stars.
  • Make a sensory room for the children – I have been meaning to sort this out , pre strokes but never got round to it .
  • To purchase an electric wheelchair, so I can get out about with the children. I won’t need for someone to push me, giving me some of my independence back
  • To take the kids to Disney Land I know that this would make their year. Plus I would love to see Mickey Mouse.
  • Things I Have achieved

    Since writing this list in April 2014

  • Get my wheel-chair – so I can out and get some fresh air on the seafront. ( I received a wheelchair so can start going out but I now need someone to push me as I have lost my strength in my arms and go round in circles when I try to propel myself
  • To go camping more, would love to go away for the school holidays.
  • We had to cancel our holiday 2017 as the kids are too volatile at the moment

    (We have found a fabulous campsite that understand all the difficulties Low Wray )

  • For hubby to go and watch Manchester United
  • ( I won an amazing competition and hubby is going to go and watch Manchester United – Competition win )

  • To get a new cooker and kitchen. Our cooker has never worked properly and takes ages to cook the food properly
  • – got my new cooker

  • To get a wetroom/walk in shower since my strokes I am unable to get in and out the bath, a walk in shower would make life so much easier for the kids and myself.
  • My new wetroom

    • Tracey Mc
      Apr 30, 2014 Reply

      Great list, mine includes garden related time too. Good to see you being so positive, someone to inspire others x

      • Iain Cooke
        May 27, 2014 Reply

        she always inspires me!

        • Wendy
          May 27, 2014 Reply

          Aww thank you Iain

      • Wendy
        May 27, 2014 Reply

        Thank you Tracey I hope you get your garden you want, thanks x

    • Iain Cooke
      May 27, 2014 Reply

      Great list Wendy! Good luck with achieving any of those on the list especially those that are for you and your hubby! xxx

      • Wendy
        May 27, 2014 Reply

        Thank you Iain xx

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