A Mum Is Supposed To Nurture And Care

As we come to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday to celebrate and say thank you to our mum. I find this day quite difficult in the fact that I can’t celebrate and say thank you to mum as she was never there for me.

You may think I am being a bit harsh but hopefully once you read the post you may agree with me.

It started when I was 10 years old, there were times in between but when I was 10 was definitely the turning point. We were both in hospital in Sicily after being in a car accident and despite the fact I couldn’t talk Italian, my mum never spoke to me. It wasn’t she couldn’t talk she just didn’t want to.

After that it soon became apparent that she didn’t really want me as she refused to come and see my plays at school or see the things I had achieved. She distanced herself from me and at first I thought it was all my fault, maybe I had done or said something for her to be like that. For years I blamed myself.

As the years past I tried to include her in my life. I had been sent to live with my Grandparents who in turn became my mum and dad. She just didn’t want to know. Even through the darkest period of my life she wasn’t there for me. She didn’t nurture and care for me like she should.

So for me, Mother’s Day is not something for me to celebrate but I will however raise a cup of tea to my Grandma who unfortunately died in 2001 and was my mum in everything but name.

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